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 Aria Montgomery [Lucy Hale]

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MesajSubiect: Aria Montgomery [Lucy Hale]   Mar Feb 01, 2011 4:57 pm

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Aria Montgomery is a fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard. She is portrayed by Lucy Hale in the television adaptation, which premiered on ABC Family in June 2010.[1] The actress was named Choice Summer TV Star: Female at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards for her role in the series.

In the book series Aria is described as lean, with jet black hair, and pouty lips. Aria is artsy and imaginative, with hipster style, and a passion for knitting and writing and is described as Rosewood's 'weird girl'.[3].
On another interview with Lucy Hale said "she’s like an old soul and she knows what she wants… she’s very cool, she’s got it put together." While also commenting on her style: "She’s sort of all over the place… she’s the quirkiest one and just put miss-match pieces together and mixes vintage stuff with modern things… very funky… very creative."

Aria is one of four primary protagonists in all eight of the Pretty Little Liars novels, starting with 2006's Pretty Little Liars. She is the daughter of Byron and Ella Montgomery and has a younger brother, Mike. She was best friends with Alison DiLaurentis before her 'disappearance', after which she moved to Iceland.

Before Pretty Little Liars
Before Alison disappeared, Aria is shown to be in 7th grade and to have a quirky personality and a penchant for knitting, best friends with Alison along with Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. Like the other girls, Aria and Alison had a secret between them, they witnessed Aria's father, Byron, having an affair with one of his students, Meredith and he begs Aria not to tell her mother. One night, while having a sleep over in Spencer's sister Melissa's barn, Alison disappeared. Not long after Alison's disappearance, Aria's father moves her family to Iceland.

]Pretty Little Liars
In the first novel, Aria and her family return from Iceland, moving back into their old house in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. She, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily have grown apart since Alison's disappearance. She meets college graduate, Ezra Fitz, at a bar and they connect, hooking up in the bathroom. She later finds that after all her time in Iceland, formerly overweight Hanna is now thin, glamorous and best friends with former nerdy outcast, Mona Vanderwaal. When she begins school she finds that Ezra is also her new AP English teacher. Aria later begins to receive texts and emails from an unknown source that reveals secrets that only Alison knew and more recent ones, including Byron's affair with Meredith and Aria's with Ezra, signed, "A" and when Alison's body is discovered under a block of cement, she, along with the other three girls, receive a text at the same time, "I'm still here bitches, and I know everything." signed, "A".

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she is the darkness to your light.

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Aria Montgomery [Lucy Hale]

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