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 7.Surface Tension

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Little liar
Little liar

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Inscriere : 26/02/2011
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MesajSubiect: 7.Surface Tension   Vin Ian 27, 2012 8:39 pm

We open with the girls at Hanna's place. Garrett hasn't contacted Emily with any info about Ian's messenger. A gift basket arrives from A with a card that references Emily staying with Hanna: "What Fun. Two little liars under one roof. You're making it so easy."
Aria tries on dresses for the first dinner party her parents have hosted since they've been together. Byron suggests to Ella that they invite Ezra and ask him to bring a date.
Emily makes breakfast for Hanna and Ashley to thank them for letting her stay. Emily has increased her training and seems to be having issue with her neck.
Spencer has her father hire Toby to do some work in their yard.
Aria thinks Ezra should cancel on her parents, even though he's already said yes. He's not planning to take anybody and he thinks this is a good opportunity for her parents to get used to seeing them together.
Hanna and Emily watch Caleb get stiffed by someone after "pimping" his phone. She offers to help him with money so he can make the business legit.
Mike tells Byron he doesn't think he can make it for the dinner party. Byron gets upset and tells him to "make yourself un-busy." Mike agrees.
Toby has already gotten started at Spencer's place. Spencer's father walks by and Toby gives him some sketches of what he might want to do with the barn. He likes them and asks Toby if he can keep them.
Aria learns that Jason is going to speak to some of Ella's at-risk students. Ella has also invited him to the dinner party.
Emily is still sore from her added workouts. She and Hanna are having some difficulty sharing a room.
Emily complains to Aria about "every night being a sleepover." Emily asks Spencer to talk to Garrett, since she still hasn't heard anything. Aria tells Spencer about her mother inviting Jason to dinner.
Garrett tells Spencer that nobody has seen the messenger recently. He assures her that "we'll find him" but warns her not to expect any surprises.
Ashley and Ella talk about the fashion show. Ella thinks something has been going on for awhile and they are just now noticing it. Ashley thinks separating the girls was a mistake and the whole therapists thing was Spencer's father trying to buy off a problem.
Toby finds what looks like a stick with writing under ground near the Hastings' property line. Peter happens to walk by and takes it, telling him not to worry about it.
The dinner party at Aria's place starts. Mike is nowhere to be found. Ezra and Jason arrive.
Toby tells Spencer about the field hockey stick he found, saying it looks like it was used to hit something hard. He said the stick had "Hastings" written on it. Spencer has a flash back of letting Alison use the stick, which was one of Melissa's old ones.
Spencer calls Aria and tells her the stick was in Alison's bedroom the summer she was killed. She thinks anybody could have used it to kill her and Aria has a flash back to Jason and Alison arguing. Spencer thinks Jason could have used it and Aria defends him.
Emily leaves Hanna's place to study at the library. Caleb arrives and immediately he and Hanna start kissing.
Aria walks downstairs and hears Ezra telling a story about biking. Jason and Ezra start talking about Jason training before a triathlon. A cop shows up and tells Aria's parents that Mike has been arrested for breaking into a house and is down at the station. Byron and Ella leave.
Spencer's dad tells Toby he thought the stick was junk and he probably shouldn't mention it to Spencer. Toby mentions that he's already told Spencer and Peter says perhaps he shouldn't tell her about this conversation.
Ezra helps Aria clean up. He asks about Jason while they're alone in the kitchen. Aria brings Jason coffee and tells him Mike promised her he wouldn't break in anymore. Jason says "He probably meant it when he said it." Then Jason tells her how much trouble Mike is in will depend on how many times he's done it before.
Outside the station Byron begins to yell at Mike for the arrest. Ella wonders how they missed it and thinks they need to do a better job keeping tabs on him.
Ezra and Jason are alone together. Jason asks about his connection to the family and Ezra said he taught with Ella at Rosewood High. Jason asks if Ezra ever had Aria in any of his classes & He says yes that he taught Aria as well.
Upstairs Aria goes through Mike's closet and finds Jenna's pottery piece she made when they were in class together. Aria goes downstairs and asks both guys to leave.
Hanna again talks to Caleb about finding a more legal way to make money. He tells her that two years back he did some work for some car thieves. The story is used as proof that he knows what the difference is between sketchy and criminal is. She wants him to tell the cops. He tells her that there's a difference between being honest and suicidal and then makes her promise not to tell anybody.
Spencer tries to stop her father from throwing the stick into the fire. She points out that it could be tried and he says "I'm tired." He doesn't want any more questions and references the trophy she found. He says it doesn't mean anything and tosses it into the flames.
Spencer tells Toby about what she saw her father doing. She's upset because he thinks she's been trying to get attention and the only way that will change is if they find out who killed Alison. In reference to her being killed by blunt force trauma Toby says the police always know more than they say publicly.
Hanna tells Emily, that Caleb told her a secret but doesn't say specifically what it was. They hear Ashley and Tom coming home from dinner. They seem drunk and when Hanna & Emily pop their heads out and sees them kissing and head upstairs together. Hanna sits on her bed and looks confused.
Aria is upset at Mike for breaking his promise. Mike says he stole Jenna's pot from Garrett's apartment. Aria looks stunned.
Cut to Spencer sitting in Garrett's cruiser asking if the police know what Alison's murder weapon might have been. He says the coroner's report would contain more detained information about what it might have been. She says she isn't sure Alison's killer is dead. He asks why just as a he gets a call on the radio. At this point Spencer gets a text from Aria that Garrett can't be trusted. He hangs up the radio and ask her who she thinks killed Alison.
During the credits we see A loading a hypodermic needle and injecting it into a bottle of some kind.
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7.Surface Tension

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